When the Adventure go Wrong

When the Adventure go Wrong, Motorcycle riding tips.

When the Adventure go wrong. That was interesting title. Your curious to know what exactly is happened?
Calm down, nothing serious at the moment. I am going to tell you some funny and some not so funny
stories from my trips. A few broken down situations, Extreme heat, High elevation, food poisoning,
lost passport, burned clutch and one broken leg in the middle of Sahara desert.

I will try to give you some useful advices, what we have to do when something go wrong. This video is going
to be long, but stay with me to the end, because you never know what is going to happens on your next
Adventure. We all plan our trips well. Prepare for the worse, but expect the best! That’s wonderful phrase,
but sometimes the sheet just happened. Whatever you need to face, please do not panic. Stay as calm as
possible and give yourself enough time to find the way out. Friend of mine use to say:

    " There is no problems only solutions."

And he was right. If you step out for a second and look at the hall situation you see that is not so bad and it
could be much worse.

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