Top 6 Adventure Motorcycles in EICMA 2017

Which are the best Adventure Motorcycles in EICMA 2017?

The competition never sleeps. The battle between the most famous brands never ended. Who is going to
be the winner, the first, the best adventure motorcycle? Well, it's hard to say. I like Yamaha 700 Tenere, but
it is still concept. We know nothing about the technical specifications of that model. I really hope that it will
be under 200kg, but from what I saw it will be almost impossible.
The new Honda Africa Twin is coming with bigger tank, 24 litters, higher wind screen and ten extra kilograms.
They focused to much on the petrol tank completely forget about the total weight on the bike.
KTM is always on the top of all marketing wars and the rest cannot even come closer. As we all know, the
company with largest budget for advertisement usually sell more.
BMW release the new GS 850, looks nice, but it cannot impress me at all. They moved the tank, from under
the seat to the standard position, but it was only 15 litters. The weight rise up to 230kg and wind screen
become lower. I cannot see any logic in the company actions, but... who am I to tell them what to do.
Suzuki was there with the Storms 650 and 1000, good bikes, but they cannot attract many people around.
Triumph showed very well known 1200 and 800, good, but not my type of bikes.
Kawasaki was there with three Versys - 300, 650 and 1000. Very good travel motorcycles, but not really
adventure bikes. So the long story short - I have to fix my Tenere to survive one more year until the new 700
come to Germany.

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