Top 5 Common mistakes on a Long Motorcycle Trip

5 Common Mistakes on a Long Motorcycle Trip - How to avoid it?

Did you plan your long motorcycle trip? Are you sure that you took the right decisions? In this video I will
talk about the top 5 common mistakes most of the riders make. I will also tell you few easy tips to avoid it.

So guys, it doesn’t matter how good rider you are, how many km you have, if you never been on the long trip
you will make some of these mistakes.

1.     Mistake N: 1 – Wrong motorcycle.
2.     Mistake N: 2 - Wrong gear choice.
3.     Mistake N: 3 - Too much weight.
4.     Mistake N: 4 - Planed too many or too little km per day.
5.     Mistake N: 5 - To try to ride and work at the same time.

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