Tools and Spare Parts for Long Motorcycle Trip

Tools and Spare Parts for Long Motorcycle Trip - What you really need?

In this video I am going to talk about the tools and spare parts. They are very important part of your luggage
and you have to select it very carefully. Don’t worry, it is not difficult and you don’t need to be mechanical guru
to do it. Many of you guys, take way too much. To start your trip with 10 or 15kg only for tools and spare parts
is not the right decision. Even if you have half of your garage loaded, you still can miss or need something.
It is impossible to predict, what will going to be, what tools or part you might need. The best way to minimize
the tolls and the parts is to make a proper preparation before you go: Inspect the motorcycle very carefully.
The time you going to spend for preparation, before the trip, will eliminate 90% of the possible fails during
the trip. Yes, 90 %. So guys, the tools and parts you need will be for this unknown or risky 10%.

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