REV'IT! Dominator GTX Review

How good are the new Dominator GTX and Expedition H2O boots?

As usual, I will be completely honest with you and will tell you that this jacket was sent to me for free in exchange for detailed video review on my channel. Maybe in this point, some of you will say – Aha, he sold his opinion, if you are one of those people - fair enough, I cannot tell you in what you prefer to believe, but if you already know me and followed me in the last few years, you will know that I used Rev’it riding gear in the last three years. I had Rev’it Poseidon GTX and I rode it in all possible conditions, road, off-road, mud, rain, even snow. I tested the model on temperatures from minus 12 to plus 46 degrees. I talked a lot about it and even made a video review. Based on my experience with the brand I was more than happy when the guys from Rev’it told me that they will send it to me for free. Actually I don’t need to convince them at all, because the person I was communicate was already my subscriber. All right, enough talks let’s focus on the gear.

REV'IT! Expedition H2O

After I had the chance to test them both, Sidi Adventure 2 for almost a year and REV'IT! Expedition H2O in the last two weeks I am ready to share my experience. The Sidi I tested in many situations even on my last trip to Australia and New Zeland. I have no doubts that they are great boots and deserve their reputation. On the other hand the REV'IT! are new to me and so far I have only positive impressions. After I rode it on sunny, rain, cold days, basically everything between 5 and 17 degrees I can confirm that they also deserve to be on the winner's podium. In my opinion, they are a few levels better in terms of build quality and protection. A big minus, and not for everyone could be the price - 600 euros, compared to Sidi around 300 euros. So my conclusion is that both are excellent motorcycle riding boots and both will do the job just perfect.

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