My next motorcycle adventure trip is going to be Russia and Mongolia.

First part
The plan is to start from Berlin, Germany. travel through Poland, Ukraine and enter in Russia. The cities
we are going to visit in Russia are Volgograd, Samara, Oms and etc. Enter into Mongolia from North - West
border. After Mongolia will go to Baykal lake and than to deep Siberia to Vladivostok. From there I hope we will
be able to take Trans Siberian train and go back to Moskow. We will be the usual two rides and the journey will
take about 2 months and 15,000km. This is the map of the idea at the moment, it might change.
We plan to start on at the end of July 2017.

Motorcycle Adventure Mongolia

Second Part - additional
We will split in Kazan. My friend go to Bulgaria and I will go to Nord Kapp. It will be executed only if everything
with me and the bike is ok. If I still have time, money and will to go. The plan is simple: From Moskow,
St Petersburg, Finland to Nord Kapp. From there will through Norway to Bergen. From Bergen will take ferry to
Hamburg or will ride through Denmark to Berlin.

Moskow - Nord Kapp - Berlin

If somebody want to meet us on the road and offer help, will be highly appreciated.