My next trips

Motorcycle trips around the world. New year, new Adventures...

For 2018 I have planned few short and one really long trip.

1st. Berlin - Switzerland, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, UK, Scotland - Berlin

I will start from Berlin on the 9th June and go straight to Switzerland. From there move to Col du
Sommeiller, France. I will have a nice off road trip there. Next step is going to be Omaha Beach
(West Coast France) from there(Cherobourg) I will take a ferry to Dublin, Ireland. I have planed a nice
loop around Ireland and move to Isle of Man. Ferry to UK and big loop around UK and Scotland. Ferry to
Rotterdam (Holland) and back to Berlin. This is basically the plan at the moment, but it might change
in some stage. Detailed maps you can see here:

Europe, Ireland, Isle of Man, UK and Scotland and Holland to Berlin.

If anyone would like to offer help on the road (room or place to use my tent) I will highly appreciate it!

The route is just basic, it will be changed many times when I get there.

Thank you in advance!


2nd. Berlin - North Cape - Berlin

Later, probably at the end of June or beginning of July I will go to North Cape and return through Finalnd and Estonia.


3rd. Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

It will start in September 2018, more information about the bike and exactly the road I will share at the
beggining of the next year. Untill then I have planed many, not so long trips, like week or more just to keep me
motivated. Now I have only one problem, I can't wait...


Everybody, who want to meet me and offer help on the road is more than welcome. I will be glad to spend some time together, chat a bit and drink some a beers. 

I wish you all the best and always ride safe!