My next trip

Motorcycle Adventure Pakistan, India, Nepal & Bangladesh.

It will start on the 9th September 2018. The original plan to ride through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India
and Nepal is changed. After the last regulations in Iran, restrictions of motorcycle over 250cc, I will no longer ride
my motorcycle there. At the moment the situation in Iran is not clear and I cannot risk to ride more than 6,000km
and stop there, because of some stupid bureaucracy. Many people said that it is not a problem and I can still enter
the country, but if that happened to be truth, I will need to cancel all of my future plans. Which is mean that I have
to ride back to Bulgaria, where I can leave it, and then try to make a new plan. Until I do it, it will become later
September and it will be too late for Laakh and Khardun La (India).

So instead of taking this risk I decided to make the journey even more interesting make it a real adventure!

I will fly to Karachi (Pakistan). Friend of mine will me lend me one of his motorcycles and we will ride together
through the whole country. From Karachi to the North. It will be more than 2 weeks super interesting trip and I
will show you the real Pakistan. After that I will fly from Lahore (Pakistan) to Munbai (India). Again a friend will give
me his motorcycle and I will ride North up to Ladakh and Khardun La. The next step will be to enter in Nepal from
the North. Cross the whole country and get out again in India. I plan to visit Kolkata as well. From there I will fly to
Dhaka (Bangladesh) and will ride there for week or two. If I find someone to lend me a bike or option to rent a
bike there I will fly do it, if not I will go back to Berlin. At the moment I have only the route for Pakistan, but I will
upload everything very soon. Pakistan route.

Detailed sections: Karachi - Lahore, Lahore - Islamabad, Islamabad - Karimabad, Karimabad - China border.

This is India route. It is not final, I will make some changes.

Detailed route Nepal is coming soon.

Bangladesh route.


Everybody, who want to meet me and offer help on the road is more than welcome. Just send me an e-mail with
your details. You can do it from
here. I will be glad to spend some time together, chat a bit and drink some beers. 
If you would like to support my trip will be great and you can do it from

Very special thank you for everybody who already supported my India trip!

Main sponsor for this trip is: Motorcycle Smart Systems

Of course the help from each one of you is highly appreciated!

Carmen Matinez (Mexico), Dmitry Checkin (Russia), Chris Chan (USA), Michael Abbot (UK), Keith Talbot (UK),
Dimitar Vasilev (Bulgaria), Jim Freeman (USA), Brian Eliott (UK), Graham Young (Ireland), David Walsh (UK),
Daniel Microni (Italy), Bruno Remidas (Spain), Tom Wilson (Canada), James Bar (UK), Dr Kolev (Bulgaria),
Uwe Keutz (Germany), Marcel Duchale (Germany), Tomas Ramelis (Lithuania), Mo Saito (USA), Baz Veitch (Scotland),

Anton Pustilnik (Lithuania), J Saul Stuart (USA), Stefano Tornieri (Italy), Gordon Rigg (UK), Robert Belasco (USA),
Catalin Ghetu (Romania), Roger Deller (Switzerland), Dessy Mancheva (Bulgaria), Henrik Köhn (Sweden),
Stephen Mundane (UK), Davor Mrša (Croatia), Chitaram Shathasivam (Malaysia), Victor Kravchenko (Russia),
Allan Jackson (UK), Rohan Thatté (India), Paul Fairbrass (UK).

Thank you!

I wish you all the best and always ride safe!