Motorcycle trip to Ireland & Scotland - Series

Motorcycle Trip to Ireland & Scotland - Series

Important: This is not super adventure or high quality travel video with incredible footage or some action
scenes. This is real story, real trip. The idea behind is to see how one motorcycle trip is going and to
show you some interesting places around the world. I also shared some of my thoughts and advice with
the idea to help others to make their trips more easier than me.

The trip was 15 days and visited the teritories of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland,
England and came back to Germany. I spent a little above 7,000km and except one small accident the
trip went trouble free. I saw so many amazing places and met so many great and friendly people. It was
one super nice trip and I will do it again with pleasure. In general England, Irelandand Scotland are
expensive countries. It cost me about 1,200 euro. This price included 3 x ferries. Roscoff - Roslarre 73 euro
(seat), Ireland - Scotland - 80 euro (seat) and Harwich - Amsterdam 150 euro (cabin). Keep in mind that
many people host me on the road, so I don't need to pay for hotels. If you plan to sleep only in hotels you
have to add more about 600-700 euro.

Detailed maps you can see here:

Europe, Ireland 1, Ireland 2, Ireland + North Ireland, North Ireland 2, West Scotland, North West Scotland.
North Scotland + England, Holland and Germany

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