Motorcycle Trip Morocco - Series

Motorcycle Adventure around Europe and Morocco

The trip was about one month, 13,000km. We visited the territories of Germany Austria, Lichtenstein, Swiss, Italy, France, Andora, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and finally back to Berlin Germany. It was amazing trip, which one I will never forget. It has everything, from the history side to the wild nature and real adventure. We were small group of first two, in Morocco four and on the way back I was alone. We had a few mechanical problems and one real bad situation finished with broken leg, followed by the unusual evacuation and many unbelievable moments.

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Guided Motorcycle Tours to Morocco – Real Adventure!

Have you ever thought about going to Morocco? To feel the spirit of Africa, to see the beautiful Atlas
mountain or to ride your bike in Sahara desert? To drink from the famous Moroccan tea or swim in the
Atlantic Ocean. To or explore old cities like Marrakesh or Casablanca or just enjoy the endless twisty roads?
I can bet that you did, but you worry about so many things like logistic, borders, ferry tickets, accommodation,
food, petrol and many more…it will be so nice if you can join a friend or group…if somebody, with more
experience organizes everything for you…Some of you actually asked me about it. Can I guide them to a
specific destination? Unfortunately I cannot. I don’t see myself in this position. My goal is to ride the world
and I really don’t have time to ride in the destinations where I already been. So honestly I can’t, but I know the
right person, who is able to this job much better than me. A man with a great experience, enough free time
and possibilities to do everything you need. You will have a chance to visit this part of the world without need
to worry about anything.

As you see this could be a perfect opportunity for you to jump on the train and enjoy the ride.  A solution for all
the problems you might have on a such a trip. A perfect way to have a great holiday and make the journey you
always dream to do.

I can highly recommend the company “Am On Road” and my riding friend Andreas. He has more than 20 years
experience and many guided tours under his belt. They will organize everything for you: Flight tickets to
Malaga (Spain), transportation on your bike to the port of Algeciras(Spain), ferry tickets, accommodation in
Morocco, food and petrol costs. Actually you don’t need to worry about anything, just enjoy the ride. The route
is carefully prepared and you will be able to see the most important sights of Morocco. You will have a great
adventure and a trip to remember!

Website: https://www.am-motorradreisen.com/morocco-2018-english/

Andreas speaks very good English and will reply on all of your questions. Contact telephones and e-mail here

Just to let you know that they organized any kind of tours: Italy, France, Alps, Europe, Morocco and many
more. You can have your own customized tour if you like.

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