Motorcycle Trip Mecklenburg (Germany)

Motorcycle Trip Mecklenburg – One flat tire, new friend & many horses

I was have nothing to do in that weekend and decided to go on a simple two days trip. I have RAW idea to
go to Mecklenburg area(about 200km North from Berlin), but without exactly the point. There are many lakes
there and I was thinking to find nice spot for tenting. Everything was fine at the beginning, but suddenly, my
tire blow at the highway with about 120km per hour. Was really scary moment, because my motorcycle was
shaking and I was flying from left to right like a drunk driver. The though I have in my head was: “Don’t touch
the front brake, don’t touch the brake” !!! Finally, I was able to stop without going down and then realized what
exactly is just happened. I was on one step from the hospital or even worst.  Anyway, I was extremely lucky
again, thanks to my friend – the universe!

 The situation with the tire was not good. It has more than 3 punctures and tried to fix it, but I couldn’t.  The
following story is evidence that “Bad” is not always bad and “God” is not always good. So my advice to you
guys is:  Always believe in the people good will and never give up! Enjoy the trip with me.

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