Motorcycle Trip around the Balkans

My winter Motorcycle Adventure around the Balkans.

This trip was planed like something very simple, to go to Bulgaria and back, but actually it's becomes
really nice journey. It last about 10 days I had little above 5,000km. I have visited the territories of 12 countries:
Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia
Herzegovina, Slovenia and Austria. Everything went well, I have no problems with the bike. The beginning was
hard, but even the cold weather and ice roads were some kind of fun to ride. A big thank you to each one of
you for the greatest support I have received on the road. You just proved that it's much easy to help instead of
hate each other.

A special thanks to Stefan and Ada (Arad, Romania), Dima (Burgas, Bulgaria), Vesso (Sofia, Bulgaria), Igor
and Kerim (Podgorica, Montenegro), Miha (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and to Christian (Salzburg Austria).

Thanks - You are my heroes!

A maps from the trip: Germany - Bulgaria here. Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia here and from
Slovenia, Austria to Berlin, Germany here.