Motorcycle Soft Luggage - Test & Review

Motorcycle Gear Review - Soft Luggage - Test and Review

In this video I am going to review a motorcycle soft luggage. Just to let you know that I am not sponsored from
that company and I do not get any money for this video.

First time when I saw, this bag, was in 2015. I was riding in Kyrgyzstan and met a group of Polish rides with
very light Suzuki DR 400. All the bikes were with this tip of luggage. Compare to my saddle bags, these were
very light, practical and good looking. I really like it and decided to by the same for me.  The bags are made
very well, actually they are made from riders for riders. The quality is very good and the functionality is more
than great. I highly recommend this company to each one of you. It is a perfect solution for on and off road
riding. The company name is 21 Brothers.

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The link I will share with you is not affiliate and I do not get any money from it:


Theirs contact e-mail is: shop@21brothers.eu

If you tell them that you heard about the luggage from me (Pavlin) or from my channel (Motorcycle Adventures)
they will make you discount.