Motorcycle Riding Tips - Hard vs Soft Luggage

Motorcycle Riding Tips - Hard vs Soft Luggage

I have one very interested topic to discuss. To have expensive hard pannier system or simple saddle bags?
Forever battle between hard and soft luggage. Stay with me and I will tell you what I think . So, which one is
better? Nice hard cases system or cheap saddle bags. I am so glad that you expect me to tell you the magic
formula, but I will disappoint you and will tell you that it’s not exist. It is all depend of many circumstances:

Riding alone or with pylon?
How long the trip will be?
Road or Off road?
How much luggage you will have?
Where the bike will stay?
and many more…

As I said at the beginning I don’t have universal answer for you, but I will tell you what I think:
I prefer soft luggage. Saddle bags or big waterproof bag whatever suit better for the trip I planned. I am
pretty sure now, some of you guys will disagree with my statement and will attack me with some very
strong arguments, but that’s me and who am I to tell you what to do?

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