Motorcycle Riding Tips - camera setup

Motorcycle Camera Set up. Motorcycle Helmet Camera Setup.

There is more than enough different options on the market today. The prices are between 20 and 1,000$,
so how to choose? Well, I don’t have the answer, but I can tell you what I use.

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What I use is Contour Roam camera. From my and my riding friends experience I think that this is the best
helmet camera. Yes, maybe the quality is not that great as the Go Pro, but I don’t think that most of you guys,
unless you are movie expert will never notice it.

It has perfect mounting system. You can put it almost everywhere.  Left, right, bottom, on the top. You can turn
the lens and adjust the angle of view. It also has a laser light to set it properly. And one very important it is very
small, compare to Go Pro. Because of this perfect mounting system people never noticed it. I always keep it
on my helmet, even on numbers of borders crossing and until this moment no one ever ask me about the
camera. With Go Pro you look like Comanche warrior and everybody notice that.

It is not a problem with big motorcycle gloves. Also it beep and you can heard it even while you are riding on
the highway. I don’t have to worry about remotes, smart phones, wireless connections or any other gadgets.
What I need is just to recharge the battery, which is last about 3 hours.

I also have a small Sony Cyber shot DSC – RX 100. The first edition. It’s a great camera and off course the
most important it is very small. I use it to shoot mostly for still images, but also for video. The quality of both
is unbelievable for this tip of camera.

I use to carry, small laptop and hard drive to store the videos and images, but not anymore. Today, the prices
of the SD cars way better than before, so I just take more cards with me. They are small and easy to protect.

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Contour Cameras:

Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX 100:


Do not forget, the most important is to traveling. Even you if don’t have a camera, you still will have this great
experience to riding a motorcycle!