Motorcycle Jacket Review - Viking Cycle Warlock

Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Jacket review

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Today I am going to review the Warlock Jacket from Viking Cycles. The biggest question is:
Did I really test this jacket or they just paid me to do it? Oooo, yes! I really test it. I did it in the City On the
highway In extreme heat over 30 degrees. On the cold mornings. And what I have to confess is that this
is a great jacket.

At the beginning I was suspicions, mostly because of the price, but, I was nicely surprised. I like the way
the jacket looks like. The design is really great, even with this reflective color. I know, I look like traffic
control guy, but it could safe your, especially in the dark. Off course you can choose between multiple
colors. It fit pretty good and there is a lot off room in the shoulders and the chest. It has all the armor on the
places you expect it to be. For my understanding of safety they are to light, but you can easily change it with
better. What I also like is the number of the pockets. During the years I owned many jackets, but none of them
was design with so many and useful pockets. For in front, two in each side, one for knife or pen. They also
design this so useful head phone system and you don’t need to worry where to put them.

So, with few words, this is a great summer jacket for those who ride street bikes. It has a liner when you
riding in the cold mornings. Not suitable for really cold weather, but as I said it is a great summer jacket.

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