Motorcycle Gear - test it before, not during the trip

Long Motorcycle Trip – Test the gear before, not during the trip.

In this video I will discuss one very important topic: Your Motorcycle Gear. Did you test it before the trip or
believe that it will work well? Today, motorcycle gear you can find in any shop. Even big chains like LIDL here
in Germany or  Wal Mart in the states selling motorcycle staff.  Prices are nice and we just take it or because
we believe that it will work well on our next trip. Another one example is to buying recommended gear. Later,
already far away from home, we realized that the item we bought is peace of crap or it just not work for us.
I am not going to say that you should stop buying from those shops, or avoid any recommendations, what I
basically want to say is to test the gear before the trip, not after. Make some simple trips, day or two, around
your home and test it.

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