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Recommended Motorcycle Gear and equipment

Over the years, I have used all kinds of motorcycle gear. From a simple old style helmet to the top level of
modern motorbike clothes. I received a lot of questions, what should I buy? What is worth the money and
what is not?

So, I decided to make this page, to help you guys to find the things you need. All the gear, which I am going
to show you are either used by me, my riding friends, or I have had a chance to get a good look at it.

I will never recommend something I never tested before!

The links I am going to provide are from Amazon (Affiliate)

Note: An affiliate link means, that I will earn a small commission, if you decide to buy something and it doesn’t
cost you any extra. I don’t feel as if you owe me anything, but if you are going to buy the product anyway, then
why not?

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Smart Turn System - Making Motorcycles Smart

Smart Turn System is slovenian company work with the idea to make the motorcycle riding much
safer than it is. I know them in person and it is my pleasure to promote them.
Here you can see some of the products that I have tested recently:

Now Smart Turn System offer 20% discount and lifetime warranty for everyone who use the links below:

Smart Turn System: https://safer-turn.com/cart/?coupon_code=PAVLIN20&add-to-cart=680
Smart Brake Module: https://safer-turn.com/cart/?coupon_code=PAVLIN20&add-to-cart=682
Ultimate Smart Bundle: https://safer-turn.com/cart/?coupon_code=PAVLIN20&add-to-cart=1024

I can highly recommend their products to each and every one of you!

Exotogg Inflatable Thermal Armour

I had the chance to test this product and I really believe that it could be very practical solution
for many of you. Nobody enjoys being cold and uncomfortable outdoors. When Mother Nature takes
a turn for the worse, as she so often does, Exotogg will keep you warm and comfy.
From long-distance biking, to scaling mountainous peaks, to cave exploration, Exotogg has got your
back. Made from tough, recyclable TPU, Exotogg keeps you warm using highly efficient air-insulation,
even when wet! It packs small and light, so you’re not weighed down with heavy insulation layers, and
features anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties to maintain freshness for years to come. 
In addition to providing class-beating insulation, your Exotogg can also be used as:

  • a pillow
  • a trail seat
  • a sleeping pad
  • a flotation device
  • a splint
  • a dog cozy
  • a camera or wine-bottle protector

Save 10% by ordering from here.

Motorcycle Security -The Smart GPS Tracker MoniMoto

Smart SPS theft protection for your motorcycle. I believe that we all love our motorcycle and it doesn't matter how much they cost - 500 or 15,000 euro, we love them and will always try to protect it the best possible way. I had the chance to test the new Smart GPs Tracker from Monimoto. I think that it is an excellent device to have on every motorcycle today. It has it's own batteries, so you don't need to wire anything. Easy to instal and use on any bike, even cars. The App they have is free and trouble free to set and use. I highly recommend this to each one of you, just keep in mind that nothing is 100% secure.

Link to buy the tracker here

Sena Prism Tube Wifi - Test and Review
All right, every body know that Sena make Bluetooth devices, but not so many people know that they also make helmet cameras. The model is not actually new, but last year they upgrade the software and added WiFi on it. It's record now on 1080 60fps instead of 1080p 30 fps last model.

Link to buy it here.

Motorcycle Handguards Barkbusters

How Important Are The Hand Guards? Well I think that they are one of the most underestimated adventure items. Many people are happy to spent tons of money for useless things, but usually miss the importance of the proper hand guards. In this video I will give you three very good reasons to buy it.

Link to buy this model here.

Motorcycle boots. Quality, functionality, comfort & safety at the same time!

The best motorcycle touring boots Sidi Adventure 2. After I used the boots for more than a month in all types of weather I believe that now I am ready to make a detailed review. The model is not really new and already very well known, but with Sidi Adventure 2 the company mad some really good changes.

Link to buy the boots here.