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Recommended Motorcycle Gear and equipment.

Over the years, I have used all kinds of motorcycle gear. From a simple old style helmet to the top level of
modern motorbike clothes. I received a lot of questions, what should I buy? What is worth the money and
what is not?

So, I decided to make this page, to help you guys to find the things you need. All the gear, which I am going
to show you are either used by me, my riding friends, or I have had a chance to get a good look at it.

I will never recommend something I never tested before!

The links I am going to provide are from Amazon (Affiliate)

Note: An affiliate link means, that I will earn a small commission, if you decide to buy something and it doesn’t
cost you any extra. I don’t feel as if you owe me anything, but if you are going to buy the product anyway, then
why not?

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Here you can see some of the products that I have tested recently:

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Smart GPS Tracker Device

The unique battery powered, easy to set up, auto arming GPS tracker alarm system that calls your phone
if your motorcycle is being moved or stolen.

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