Money for Motorcycle Trips - What you have to know?

Motorcycle Trip and Money, Cash or Credot cards - what you have to know?

When we travel we need money that is obvious, but in what currency, credit or debit cards? How to
hide it, where to change it, keep it and many more questions. In this video I will answer all of these
questions. When you plan your first trip, you have so many things to worry about that you almost
forget about the money. I am not talking about the cost of the tip, I am sure that you already found
enough information how much exactly will cost you. If not, I have detailed video about it and you
can watch here. It is obvious that you going to need money, but you never really think in what
currency, credit or debit cards? I don’t have one universal answer, because it’s really depends
from the destination you going to travel, but I can give you 3 very useful tips. They will work in
99% of the countries around the world.

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