Long Motorcycle Trip - When you are ready?

When you are ready for a long motorcycle trip?

When you are ready for a long motorcycle  trip? I know that you expect from me to give you some answers,
but in this video I will surprise you and instead of answers I will have some questions. Stay with me to the
end and I promise that you will get what you need. Today, if you just check Youtube, you will find tons of
information and advices how to make a long motorcycle trip. They all are very useful, no doubt, but they
will not answer to the question – when you are ready to do it? Who can tell you? Everybody have a different
opinion and expectations. How much riding experience you need to have? What skills you need? Where to
go? Alone or in a group? A pessimist will suggest more experience. The optimist will say – go as soon you
receive your driver license…. What you have to do? To be optimist or a pessimist?

I will show you now a different approach. A different way to see the full picture.

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