How to Winterize Your Motorcycle - Step by Step

Motorcycle Winterize - Step by Step. Winterizing a motorcycle.

It is very simple procedure and take between 30 minutes and one hour. What you have to do is:

 - wash the bike, to remove dust, bugs and salt
 - dry the motorcycle, if possible ride it for 15 - 20 min
 - add a stabilizer in the tank and full it with petrol
 - leave it to work for 10 - 15 min to give enough time for stabilizer to go into injection system
 - change the engine oil and filter
 - lubricate the chain
 - lubricate all bolts and nuts
 - lift the tires above the ground (central stand or jack)
 - disconnect the battery
 - cover the bike
 - put the battery on the battery tender

That's all, now go home and wait for the next riding season!

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