How to Ride and Film at the same time?

How to Ride and Film at the same time - Motorcycle Camera Gear

In this video I am going to talk about motorcycle camera gear. What you really need? How to make better
videos? How to record sound and many more. During the years I have heard many advices: I should record
the sound while I ride. Much better is to lessen the engine noise instead of stupid music.  I should have a
drone to make better landscape shots. With DSLR I can have better video. Buy a microphone for better audio
and many more…Yes, you are right, but let me explain you something before that: It is not that easy to ride
motorcycle and filming at the same time. For you guys sounds like easy busy job, just mount a camera on
the top of the helmet and that’s all. Looks nice on paper, but the reality is different.

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