How to pack for a long motorcycle trip?

Long motorcycle trip - what to take? How to pack a motorcycle?

How to pack it, when you are going to a long motorcycle trip? The key word here is long.  We all know how to
pack when we talk about one week trip, but when you plan to ride for more than a month, the situations is
different, really, I am not sure and I try to convince you that you need exactly the same.

I already told you in one of the previous videos,  the weight matter. The last think you would like to have on a
long motorcycle trip is heavy bike. Every person is different and everybody have different priorities. I am not
going to change you, but I will tell you what I do. When I pack, I always make very simple list:

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The list:

Camping gear:

- tent
- mattress
- sleeping back
- pillow
- towels
- cooking staff
- other, like tooth paste, brush and so on

Riding gear:

- helmet
- jacket
- pants
- boots
- gloves x 2
- shirts x 3

Other clothes:

- walking shoos
- pants
- under ware, pants, socks
- thongs


- basic tools
- tire set
- spare parts

Camera equipment:

- cameras
- charges and cables

Medical kit

And that is basically everything.  When you follow the list, it’s almost impossible to forget important things.
Believe me is more than enough. What we need and what we must to have are two different things. Even if you
load your bike with 50 extra kg, you will always need more. My advice is: Pack as light is possible and you will
be amazed, how easy the life is going.