How to choose riding gear for long trip

How to choose the riding gear for a long motorcycle trip?

There are plenty of motorcycle gear companies and brands on the market today. Actually when
you go to the shop like “ Louis “ or “ Polo” in Germany you are facing thousand of models, colors,
materials and so on. You are going there to buy the gear, but you get totally confused. It is much
easier  when you have a planed budget to spend, then your choice is limited to few models. On the
other hand, when you really like to buy the right one, you have to know exactly what you want or to
ask in the shop.  Most of the guys there are very well informed, but some of them never rode a bike.
So, how they sup oust to tell me, when they don’t know. I am not telling you that everybody from those
shops is doom, but there are, as I said thousand of models, do you think that they test them all?
Or you still believe on the labels which the manufacturer wrote?

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