GoPro Hero 5 vs Contour Roam 2

GoPro Hero 5 vs Contour camera - Which one is better? Simple one day test.

In this video I just made a simple test of both cameras. The Contour I have on my helmet, the GoPro I used
for anything else. We had one day out around Berlin. Nothing special, but I wanted to show you the possibilities of both cameras. I shoot on the same resolution, 1080 p, 30fps. There were different light conditions, from sunny and clear sky to cloudy and dark areas. I also tested the really low light situations. From the footage I provided you in the video was not really clear for me, which one is better. Both have some pros and cons:

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GoPro Hero 5 - Pros:
- perfect video quality
- very good stabilization
- touch screen, easy to adjust all settings
- Shoot on 4K, 2.7K, 1080p, 720p and 480p
- great to shoot slow motions, up to 240fps
- 12MP camera for still pictures.
- possibility to change the angle, from super wide to linear
- fully waterproof, without cover
- possibility to plug external microphone

- high price - almost 400 euro
- weak battery life - 50 min on 1080p 30fps, on 4K is even lower
- very big files, compare to the files from Contour. On 1080p, 30fps I am able to record only 6 hours on 128GB card - 17 hours on Contour the same resolution (1080, 30fps)
- microphone adapter cost 60 euro
- not easy to use when is mounted n your helmet
- difficult to turn on or turn off with gloves
Contour Roam 2 - Pros:

- very easy to turn on and turn off, one big sliding button
- better helmet mount solution, my opinion
- adjustable front lens angle, come with laser pointer
- cheaper price
- Contour 2 is fully waterproof
- less storage space for the same quality video
- better battery life up to 2.5 hours – tested many times
- you can change the settings only on the computer, Contour 2 offer small possibility change, two different type
of modes.
- the higher resolution is 1080p, 60fps
- you can’t see what you shooting – no screen
- still pictures are only 5MP
- no microphone plug


GoPro Hero 5: It's perfect vlog camera with a lot of different options to shoot almost anything you need,
but not when it's on your helmet. Now, many of you will attack me with arguments that you can download
an app and use your telephone to activate it, or use remove control and many more... I will stand behind
my words and will ask you - How long your telephone battery will hold on the long motorcycle trip?
Where exactly you will keep your telephone when you ride off road? When it's raining or when it's
extremely hot? Do you know that when you connect your GoPro with Bluetooth, because this is the way
to use the app on the telephone or remove control, the battery life of your phone and GoPro will be even
shorter? How many SD card you will need to record a long trip, as I did in Mongolia?
I have more questions, but I think that these are enough.
Contour 2 camera: For me, I will repeat, FOR ME this is the perfect motorcycle helmet camera. Much
better mounting solution, easy to operate, especially when you ride and not that noticeable from the
people around you.  Yes, it has some cons, but for that purpose I bought the GoPro to have an optimal
camera gear set.

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