Exotogg Inflatable Thermal Armour

Exotogg Inflatable Thermal Armour

I had the chance to test this product and I really believe that it could be very practical solution
for many of you. Nobody enjoys being cold and uncomfortable outdoors. When Mother Nature takes
a turn for the worse, as she so often does, Exotogg will keep you warm and comfy.
From long-distance biking, to scaling mountainous peaks, to cave exploration, Exotogg has got your
back. Made from tough, recyclable TPU, Exotogg keeps you warm using highly efficient air-insulation,
even when wet! It packs small and light, so you’re not weighed down with heavy insulation layers, and
features anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties to maintain freshness for years to come. 
In addition to providing class-beating insulation, your Exotogg can also be used as:

  • a pillow
  • a trail seat
  • a sleeping pad
  • a flotation device*
  • a splint*
  • a dog cozy
  • a camera or wine-bottle protector

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