Many people are happy to pay hundreds of dollars, for unknown online promises, with the idea to learn
faster a magic lesson and change their lives. I perfectly understand and respect that. This could be very
helpful, but also could be pointless for many. What I offer is face to face personal consultation.

This basically means that I will meet you in person and will answer all the questions you have. We will
spend whatever time it's takes, talking about the most important things that you need to know about the
motorcycle trips. No nonsense, only real-time, working and proven advice.

The right motorcycle choice.
Modifications for long trips.
Motorcycle gear choice.
Preparations for long trips.
How to start your trips.
Recommended destinations.
Maps and navigation.
The proper way to do it.
A few ideas about how to finance your trip.
Personal and bike safety.
Basic off-road riding tips and bike set-up.
Safety tips for long trips and more.

Actually, you can ask me about anything. You can make your own personal list of questions and I will
answer them for you and even add more valuable information that you might not have even considered yet.

You will receive my personal telephone, so you can contact me anytime you need and I will do my best
to help you. We can do it one to one, or use Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or whatever way suit to you.

How much it will cost you? On this stage you don't need even to worry about it! First, and very important
for me is to be able to help you!
The questions I have are: What value I can bring to you? How can I
improve your skills and make your trips much easier and safer? After
you are 100% satisfied from our
meeting and you think that the information I gave you is worth it, you can easily go to my support page
and pay whatever you decide to pay.

Feel free to contact me anytime. Please provide as more as possible information for you, your riding skills,
your ideas, your motorcycle and the future travel plans. Base on that data I can help you much easier.

You can become my Patron and you will be able to ask me anything, anytime. More info here.

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