Adventure Motorcycle - ABS or Not?

Do we really need it? Is it necessary?

In this video I will tell you what I think about the ABS traction control and many more modern futures.
I can bet know on 100$ that most of you expect me to tell you how bad the ABS is, because you can’t
use it off road or because it’s another possible to fail system in your bike or just because I don’t have
it, but….here you are the biggest BUT again! There is a phrase: Everything what you are saying before
BUT is shit, what you going to say after that is really matter. As you know, I never talk just to listen my
voice or to see my face on Youtube. I told you many times that the idea of the channel is to help others
to make the right decisions. Now I totally confused you, now I can bet even 200$ that you cannot even
guess what I am going to tell you!

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